60th Annual Conference of the Estonian National Museum
3 May 2022

The conference will take place at the Estonian National Museum, located in the Raadi area of Tartu two kilometres from the city centre. 
The Estonian National Museum (ERM) new building, designed by the Paris-based architecture firm, DGT Architects, was opened in October 2016. In 2018 Estonian National Museum won the EMYA Kenneth Hudson Award.
More information on the museum's history and location.

The museum has 6,000 square metres of exhibition space. Most of this is dedicated to the Encounters, permanent exhibition, which expands upon Estonian cultural history and everyday life and stretches out on a timeline from the Ice Age. Read more about the context of the exhibition and discover the exhibition design.

The second biggest permanent exhibition is Echo of the Urals, providing an insight into the lives of the different peoples who speak Finno-Ugric languages and inhabiting the northern parts of this corner of the world. The exhibition takes visitors through the four seasons, introducing the peoples who are related to Estonians. More about the building and the context of the exhibition.

In May 2022 the main temporary exhibition hall will host an exhibition of Estonian art from the Enn Kunila collection.

Practical details
The conference takes place a day before EMYA (European Museum of the Year Awards) events in Estonian National Museum, so for the practical details you can well use EMYA website:
Getting to Estonia, Tartu