Practical information

Conference registration desk
Open: At the Film Museum (Estonian History Museum, Tallinn)
24 April 15:00-19:00
25 April 9:00-10:00, 13:30-17:00

Open: At Estonian National Museum
26 April 10-15

Name tag
A name tag is required for admittance to all official conference sessions and events. The name tag can be obtained from the registration desk.

In Estonian History Museum
Network: MM_guest
Password: kylaline

In Estonian National Museum
Network: ERM public (free access)

Dinner suggestions in Tallinn

Solaris Centre (close to Viru hotel)

Rotermann Quarter (close to Viru hotel)

Old town (Short distance from Viru hotel)

Telliskivi Creative City (15 minutes by tram or half an hour walking distance (through old town)