ICOM ICEE annual conference 2024 in Estonian National Museum

The Estonian National Museum is pleased to host an important international event in the field of museums in 2024 - the ICOM ICEE annual conference. The event brings together a few hundred European and global exhibition specialists from around the world over a twenty countries.

ICOM ICEE is the exhibition committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with over 1,300 members. ICEE members form a worldwide network of museums, exhibition agencies, curators and exhibition producers and institutions.

The format of the ICEE annual conference includes a 3-day conference and pre- and post-tours and excursions to Estonian museums to learn about museum exhibitions in Baltics and best exhibition practices.

A part of the annual conference is always the Exhibition Marketplace, which presents knowledge of the field and available international travel exhibitions, and in 2024 the Meeting-up format, where curators, designers, the technical and practical side of exhibitions and agencies meet.

The presentations of the annual conference are aimed at 3 main content areas: exhibitions and memory practices; exhibitions and environmental impacts; exhibitions and innovative practices. 2 panel presentations will be selected for the conference - one of which will be an international speaker and one from Estonia/Baltics . Call for papers will be published on February 2024. The substantive organization of the conference will be created in cooperation between ICOM ICEE and ENM, ICOM Estonia will take over the organization of special tours of the conference and Estonian participants.

The communication of the ICEE annual conference is directed by ICEE to the ICOM and ICEE network, and by local organizers to the neighboring countries of Estonia, especially the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. It is planned to apply for grants for the conference from sponsors (exhibition agencies) and ICOM programs.

The purpose of the conference in Estonia is:

• Introduce the best practices from world’s different regions

•Share most recent information about available travel exhibition projects for a future

• Support the international cooperation of museums and help find collaborative partners;

• Bring to Estonia an innovative and current discussion in the field of museums.

• Increase the international visibility of Estonian museums and unique attention to European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024

Relevance 2022 Registration is open
ICOM ICEE CFP open until 30.04.2024

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