Relevance 2020 Cancelled

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60th Annual Conference of the Estonian National Museum “Relevance” (5.-7.05.2020) CANCELLED 

Dear conference participants, 

The Estonian government has declared an emergency situation in connection with the global novel coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood that the virus is spreading locally in the country. The emergency situation is in effect through May 1, unless the government should decide otherwise.

 As it is unclear if the emergency situation needs to be extended, our conference team has considered the opportunities to proceed. We are very sorry to let you know we have decided to cancel the conference for this year.  The conference will take place in spring 2021, but the dates and still have to be developed. We will also develop the procedure and timeline to confirm your participation, if you had been accepted as a presenter for this year.  

The registrants who have made the conference registration fee will receive a refund of the price you paid. Please contact conference e-mail and send your bank details as soon as possible. Please don’t forget to cancel your accommodation in Estonia if you have done so.  

We truly regret any inconvenience you may experience as a result of this decision. If you have any questions or you need proof of the cancellation, please get in touch with us by conference e-mail  

We thank you for being part of the participants in 60th Annual Conference of the Estonian National Museum “Relevance” and very much hope to see you all in next times in Tartu!



Organising Committee of the 60th Annual Conference of the Estonian National Museum “Relevance”


Pille Runnel, Research Director of the Estonian National Museum

Agnes Aljas, Research Secretary of the Estonian National Museum

Mona Tärk, Conference Secretary

Relevance 2020 Registration is now open!
NEMO 2019 Conference publication is out

36 replies

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